Lenny Henry Ads

It’s easier to find adverts featuring Lenny Henry than it is to find his shows on commercial release, which is a glaring gap in the catalogue of UK comedy.

Here’s Lenny as “Mr Widdlybeast” selling us some Alpen.

Does the autograph joke come from Len’s stand up show Live & Unleashed? It seems familiar.

There was tropical twist in the same campaign.

Wish I knew the date of this because it’s possible the Crucial reference is before Delbert Wilkins. Doubt it though.

Here’s another.

We all know Len is all in for hotels at the moment …

But we might forget about his penchant for flogging us crisps.

The walking on water is elegantly done there, but I don’t remember the packaging looking like that. Bovril flavour too?

This packet is more like it.

And on a similar theme …

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