Night Moves

There’s something marvellous about a world in which I can watch continuity from the 1980s on a whim, and learn about things that have long slipped into oblivion.

First of all, I’d quite forgotten that the TWO logo faded back into white like that. This selection of junctions comes from 11th April 1987 (thanks to BBC Genome). At first I wondered if Badminton had been cancelled because of The Great Storm, but then remembered that happened later on in October.

For some reason, the idea of The Daley Review reminds me of this.

But it’s the show Night Moves that has me the most intrigued. It’s listed as postponed from 19th December …

Why? What pre-empted it? Was there something in it that was untimely and insensitive? Did some sporting event overrun? I need to know.

Fifty years ago, Basil Wright and Harry Watts ‘s classic documentary Night Mail celebrated the role of the railways as the nation’s distributor of goods, mail, food and other essentials. In 1987, 84 per cent of all goods are transported by road – the age of steam has become the day of the articulated lorry. With Timothy Spall as The Fool on the Road and specially commissioned music by Ian Dury.

How can I not want to watch this now? Why can’t I find it to view? Arrrgh.

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