Ben Elton Live (In Print)

Let’s have a quick look at some more of Ben Elton’s columns that he wrote for the Daily Mirror in 1986. This first one has a riff on one of his stand up bits, as well as some potted history.

Daily Mirror – Monday 03 November 1986

Most theatres were designed by men. I can tell this simply by observing the long naffed off queues that form outside the ladies.

The following week, he addressed the police, in a bit that pre-dates the end of the first episode of Filthy, Rich And Catflap a few months later (though, of course, the scripts were written by this time, and were being recorded in the studio (the first episode was done the first week of November)).

Daily Mirror – Monday 10 November 1986

… they do a bloody difficult job, and it doesn’t help to have a bunch of lefties slagging them off and hampering them and shackling them.

And the next week, Ben was making a now familiar complaint of his about TVs in pubs.

Daily Mirror – Monday 17 November 1986
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