Only Yules And Horses (Part Three)

As Del and Rodney trotted into the 1990s, they were getting more and more press coverage through the year, even though the new series wouldn’t air until very nearly 1991. And there would of course be a big Christmas special too. So it’s fair to say that anticipation was growing.

Daily Mirror – Monday 26 February 1990
Daily Mirror – Saturday 30 June 1990
Daily Mirror – Saturday 01 September 1990
Daily Mirror – Monday 12 November 1990
Daily Mirror – Tuesday 13 November 1990
Daily Mirror – Wednesday 14 November 1990

So, given all this attention, it’s a bit surprising how relatively little there was for the 1990 special Rodney Come Home, with not much outside of the normal listings and daily recommendations.

When it comes to 1991’s two part special Miami Twice, I seem to remember at the time seeing Del in holiday garb all over the newspapers.

Daily Mirror – Tuesday 24 December 1991

But I can’t see any of that now that I look through the archive. And if anything, 1992’s Mother Nature’s Son had even less of a push in the press.

Liverpool Echo – Tuesday 01 December 1992

Maybe I’m just remembering all the coverage in the listings magazines like the Radio Times. I know my search for these articles is far from exhaustive, but given just how big a ratings winner the show was for the BBC, and consistently so, I expected to find much more than this. Maybe Del was just selling himself to the public now.

Sunday Mirror – Sunday 27 December 1992

There’s not even a photo used for this article the following year.

Daily Mirror – Thursday 02 December 1993
Liverpool Echo – Wednesday 01 December 1993

Even as Fatal Extraction was being tipped by the bookies …

Daily Mirror – Thursday 02 December 1993
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