Egon Spengler’s Brother

Thanks to this excellent tweet, I was made aware of this appearance by Harold Ramis as Elon Spengler, the brother of Ghostbuster Egon. It’s a segment from the 1990 ABC network presentation The Earth Day Special which aired on 22nd April 1990. It also features Martin Short and MTV’s Julie Brown.

I can’t help thinking that Martin Short would have made an excellent villain in a real Ghostbusters movie.

The special also featured this appearance by Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown.

It’s all rather clunky stuff, but a fascinating watch anyway. There’s this scene with Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman, for example.

Or this moment where we cut to The Golden Girls who are supposedly watching the very special they’re now appearing in.

There are many more cameos, including the cast of Cheers and Married With Children.

Here’s the whole thing.

The show aired in the UK on BBC One, on the 28th May 1990.

Dundee Courier¬†–¬†Saturday 26 May 1990
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