With its third series, Saturday Live moved nights and changed its name. Thus, Friday Night Live was heavily trailed on TV, but seemed to engage the newspapers much less than the previous two runs.

So, for the most part, it was little box bits like this one, from the Aberdeen Press And Journal on the 13th February 1988.

Or this, from the Winsford Chronicle on the 18th.

Like most of the papers that week, they seemed more interested in Frances De La Tour’s return to sitcoms in the new show A Kind Of Living.

There was a little bit more, though not much, on the day of the first broadcast, like here in the Nottingham Evening Post.

A week or two later, and the show was providing a springboard for more, as LWT announced they were looking to expand their new talent hunt. But also, look at that gorgeous advert for Hot Metal.

That show was eventually called 1st Exposure, and aired in August the following year.

Finally, here’s one of the few reviews that year, by Angela Thomas, in The Stage on the 24th March.

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