The League Of Gentleclips

The first mention I can find of the League Of Gentlemen as a sketch comedy troupe is this, from The Stage on Thursday 4th April 1996.

Just four months later, they received top-billing in the same publication’s Edinburgh Fringe preview.

A year later, and the trio garnered a few mentions in Phil Gibby’s festival diary, also in The Stage, and always, without fail, being compared to another sketch troupe called The Cheese Shop.

And here’s Gibby’s full review of their show that year.

That was the year they won the Perrier, and here’s how Gibby announced it in The Stage.

By the end of the autumn, On The Town with The League Of Gentlemen was airing on Radio 4, and this is how Lisa Maitland reviewed it.

It wouldn’t be long before that wish was granted.

Come Wednesday 6th January 1999, the Wexford People was announcing the new TV show:

As well as this.

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