Not Home To Roast

Home To Roost, the sitcom from the creator of Rising Damp, arrived on ITV screen in April of 1985. For a comedy with proven pedigree, much like Ever Decreasing Circles, it seemed to arrive without much fanfair. Maybe that’s just how it was in those days.

It was announced in The Stage on Thursday 21st February 1985, amongst a list of other ITV comedies.

Loving that photo for Girls On Top

Room At The Bottom didn’t arrive until November of the following year.

A couple of weeks before the first episode of Home To Roost aired, writer Eric Chappell gave an interview to his local newspaper, The Grantham Journal.

There’s a couple of interesting little nuggets in there. He likes The Young Ones, and Felix Bowness is the warm-up man. But also, perhaps a little confusingly, it suggests that John Thaw saw a pilot of the show, and then agreed to be in it. Does that mean the pilot featured a different cast? Anyone know?

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