The Minister Of Divine

The first show greenlit in the 2007 pilot season by Fox was The Minister Of Divine. It was a remake of The Vicar Of Dibley, and it was announced in Variety, using the weird vernacular of the showbiz press.

Fox has greenlit its first full-fledged comedy pilot of the fall 2007 development season: the Suzanne Martin-penned laffer “The Minister of Divine,” based on the U.K. hit “The Vicar of Dibley.”


The pilot, shot before a studio audience, also starred Kevin McNally.

“(Martin) did something smart — she set the show in the South to take advantage of a culture that embraces the church and its customs,” Levison said. “And she gave the lead character a little more outrageousness. She’s a woman with a past who’s trying to make amends, and isn’t afraid to call things as she sees them. It felt very Fox to us.”

Image via Digital Spy

That same pilot season, Fox ordered a few multi-camera, audience sitcoms, including Action News with Kelsey Grammer.

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