Mel And Sue And Rich And Stew Too

Light Lunch was such a fixture in my life at the time, that it’s amazing to me now that it was only on our screens for less than a year. It ran between March of 1997 and February of 1998. Here’s a fabulous episode featuring Lee And Herring, which unfolds in a natural and funny way, even after such a scathing attack on rival shows, delivered in a conversational off-hand way. Given the timings of TMWRNJ, this must have been one of the last episodes aired in the lunch time slot, before it was moved and renamed Late Lunch.

During their monologue, Mel and Sue talk about Ice Warriors, a show long-forgotten by me, that aired on ITV, was hosted by Dani Behr, and was just Gladiators on ice skates. Looking at the trailer below, I’m more in awe of the physical prowess demonstrated by the camera crew than by the Max Max iceskateers.

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