Su Pollard Takes The Plunge

Su Pollard is great in any sitcom she’s appeared in. I imagine she’s a fantastic live performer too, though I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing her in anything live. Nor did I get the chance to see her hosting the ITV gameshow Take The Plunge. And unfortunately, this is the only footage of the show I could find.

The premise sounds good.

A member of the public talks about something for fifteen seconds, heard only by the audience and members of the opposite team. The other team then sees the clip and tries to work out what they’re talking about. The only snag is is that the opposing team can interfere with the film, by pressing their plunger they ‘block out’ and interfere with the tape. By doing this at the most opportune moments they should have no chance of guessing it! They could only interfere for a maximum of five seconds, though.

It’s based on this round from an American show called Blackout.
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