Schedule Spotlight: Fox Sundays 89-90

We’re going to skip CBS on Sundays in our schedule spotlight, because it’s just 60 Minutes, Murder She Wrote, and a movie. Fox on the other hand, is much more interesting.

They began their Sunday evenings with Booker, a police procedural series co-created by Stephen J Cannell. It has a title sequence that manages to be so very 1980s and so very 1990s all at the same time.

Booker was a spin-off from 21 Jump Street, and replaced it in the schedules. At least for the autumn and winter. By Spring is was moved, and replaced by The Outsiders, a short-lived adaptation of the novel by SE Hinton, and produced by Francis Ford Coppola.

After a strong debut, it was then the highest rated drama ever on Fox, it lost a lot of its audience rather quickly, and thus was cancelled after 13 episodes.

At 8pm, America’s Most Wanted provided a lead-in to the debut of a new show called The Simpsons.

As you can see, The Simpsons actually started in the Winter, serving as a replacement for Totally Hidden Video, and was a lead-in for the network’s big sitcom Married … With Children.

That was followed at half nine by Open House, a sitcom created by Ruth Bennett and Susan Seeger, a spin off of another Fox sitcom called Duet.

After this, there was a chance to watch the brilliant The Tracey Ullman Show.

As is obvious, this was followed by It’s Garry Shandling’s Show, which is interesting, because that was first aired on the cable network Showtime.

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