It Goes Deeper Than You Think

There’s An Extra Layer To The Young Ones Grange Hill Bit

I like stumbling across things that add an extra dimension to something I already know so well. Take this moment, from The Young Ones, for example.

I’ve explored this clip before, in an effort to try and work out if the set-pieces are from the actual Grange Hill set. But there’s another layer to it. We all know that’s Ben Elton on the right, and many of you will recognise Perry Benson from Operation Good Guys and You Rang M’Lord? on the left.

Which means, not only are the sets from Grange Hill, one of the actors is from Grange Hill too.

Perry Benson appeared in the very first series of Grange Hill, in 1978 …

… credited as Boy On Stairs.

Somehow he manages to look older in the Grange Hill clip than he does a few years later in The Young Ones spoof.

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