Vinnie & Bobby Are Top Of The Heap

Matt LeBlanc’s Less Famous Spin-Off (And Its Spin-Off)

This one is spin-offs of spin-offs, and it’s spin-offs all the way down. Top Of The Heap was a spin-off from Married … With Children. After appearing in three episodes of the mother show, Matt LeBlanc found himself starring alongside Joseph Bologna on Fox in April and May of 1991. Here’s his first outing on Married …

Top Of The Heap took his character Vinnie and paired him with another minor character called Charlie Verducci, and had the father and son trying to get rich.

It lasted just seven episodes.

But a year later, Leblanc found himself playing Vinnie once more, in a spin-off of the spin-off called Vinnie & Bobby. This time, his friend Bobby moves into the same apartment from Top Of The Heap, the cat is missing, and Vinnie is now a construction worker.

It lasted just seven episodes.

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