Super Noodle Curios

How about watching some mid-90s laddish casual sexism in adverts for Super Noodles? This one features Peter Serafinowicz.

And this one has Martin Freeman.

Now, here’s a weird thing. This advert, from the early 1980s is for Bachelors Super Noodles.

While this exact same advert is for Kelloggs Super Noodles.

That’s because on their initial release in 1979, Super Noodles were branded as Kelloggs, but clearly at some point in 1982, the branding was changed to Bachelors. The brief on launch was to establish a non-cereal based Kelloggs product, with some TV spot, and all aimed at getting parents to buy and try the product with their kids. The launch was to last three years. It worked, but for some reason the decision was made to change the brand – maybe to dissociate it from a breakfast thing. Come the 1990s, as we saw above, the snack was being aimed squarely at young men.

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