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  • Buchwald Vs Paramount
    Buchwald Vs Paramount

    I spent some time on this in the latest episode of Comedy Is …, but there’s so much more to the Art Buchwald versus Paramount Pictures case, and the contract breach around Coming To America. It lead to a second, and then a third, trial, both of which were landmarks in their own right. Here’s…

  • KellyVision – Spitting Image
    KellyVision – Spitting Image

    This is rather a good look behind the scenes of Spitting Image.

  • A Bit More Broom Cupboard (Sort Of)
    A Bit More Broom Cupboard (Sort Of)

    This is the usual view we had of the Broom Cupboard back then in the 80s. It only occurred to me recently that for the rest of the day, the Continuity Announcers would have been sitting in amongst all that detritus. This is what it would have looked liked without it. This is NC3, whereas…

  • A Tour Of The Broom Cupboard
    A Tour Of The Broom Cupboard

    God I love this. Why is there so much romance about seeing behind the scenes at TVC? This piece was for the 7th December edition of Saturday Superstore in 1985, which means it’s only about two months since the Broom Cupboard first appeared on air. Monday 9 September 1985 saw the introduction of a new…

  • Meet The Neighbours
    Meet The Neighbours

    This is a fun thing that was obviously made to introduce audiences to Neighbours before the evening slot began. How much of that do you remember? I had forgotten about Lucy Robinson entirely, and this was before Madge met Harold, so I didn’t remember her being a Ramsey at all. Nice to spot some old…

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  • Proctology: A Bottom Examination
    Proctology: A Bottom Examination

    For a long time now I’ve been wanting to write an old-fashioned programme guide. One you can hold in your hand and thumb through, make notes on, spill coffee on. So I did. Proctology: A Bottom Examination is my deep dive into Bottom, the hit BBC Two sitcom starring Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson. That’s…

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  • Re-Casting Keanu
    Re-Casting Keanu

    Keanu Reeves is 56. That makes him eight years older than Clive Dunn was when he was first cast in Dad’s Army. But don’t panic, Clive Dunn was always playing much older characters than his own age. Keanu Reeves is 56. That makes him seven years older than Stephanie Cole was when she was first…

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