What Is A Photocopier?

On This Day, the daily Facebook reminder that life is finite, and you’re never getting any of it back, sometimes throws up a forgotten moment that’s worth re-visiting. Today, it reminded me of this:

It made me wonder why there aren’t more law-based comedies. For the same reasons that courtrooms and depositions make for good drama, they also make for good comedy. I just remembered Simon Nye wrote one called Is It Legal?

What’s The Opposite Of Margaret Thatcher?

Time now for another episode of setisoppO, the podcast about opposites. This week, we explore the possible opposites of Margaret Thatcher, ghosts, and for some reason, St Helen’s Fort.

Here’s how Spitting Image portrayed her resignation in 1990.

And here’s Steve Nallon in a Rory Bremner sketch:

Keith Harris And Cuddles On London Night Out

Last night I watched When Louis Met … Keith Harris And Orville In Panto. I hadn’t seen this since it first aired, and it had always stayed with me. Harris was a clearly talented performer, haunted by his own success, and ambivalent about the green duck that bought him that success (even though he is the green duck, but anyway). Cuddles always struck me as his vent for everything, and there’s something deeply tragic about that catchphrase “I ‘ate that duck!”.

Here’s Harris with Cuddles on Thames Television’s London Night Out, broadcast in July of 1978.


Persistent Ear Worms

Do you have a persistent ear worm? A snippet of a tune that gets stuck in your brain for weeks on end? One which you find yourself humming at the most inopportune of moments, or whistling in the shower?

I do.

It’s been stuck in my head for three years now.

And for two of those years, I couldn’t even figure out what the bloody tune was. I knew it was a theme tune. I knew it was from a sitcom. And I knew it was from the 1990s. But hard as I tried to place it, it never came. It just sat in the echoes of my skull, taunting me with its elusiveness.

Then, one day last year, I finally figure it out.

It’s this:

For the most part, that made it stop, but every now and then, it still sneaks its way back into the old noggin, and starts to burrow away again for a few more days.

The only thing that seems to stop it is watching clips from the actual show.