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"Quirky, imaginative, and very funny"
Russell Howard, comedian

"A very talented writer and performer of comedy and one of the nicest people you will ever meet in comedy. He is currently producing his best material yet and anyone running a club should be booking him post haste."
Wil Hodgson, Perrier Newcomer 2004

"A great performance. Confident, powerful with some really good stuff. He bought the evening to life. A clever, original act."
Giggle At The Guild

"Has throw away material that many on the circuit would be proud to count amongst their finest work."
Nick Page, comedian & tv presenter

"Posseses some of the best written surreal material I've heard in a long time. Also has a good, relaxed delivery and stage persona."
Owen Niblock, comedian

"He has a slightly warped sense of humour - in the same way that the sky is slightly up."
A Shedload of Laughs

"Simon was the glue that held the night together. With a myriad of acts coming and going, he gently guided us through the complex comedy maze."
What's On Bristol - Reviews

"Very cool and importantly funny."