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If you have a site that you would like to be listed, please contact me.

writing sites

BBC Writers Room
I really can't recommend this site enough. It has extensive advice, news of writing competitions and guidelines across all media. Go there.

BBC Commissioning
This should be your first stop for commissioning guidelines as published by the BBC across all of its platforms.

BBC Comedy Guide
An online guide with listings for any UK comedy show you could think of.

Writers Guild Of Great Britain
The website for the Writers Guild.

five Television Producers Notes
five is actively seeking to expand its comedy output, and here you will find guidelines on submission and contacts for commissioners.

Jan Anderson's Writing Site

stand up sites

The UK's largest resource for live comedy.

Daniel Kitson

other sites

Yellow Frog
My 3d artist friend from university days has his own company, specialising in computer modelling and design. This is his blog and resource site.

Fist of Fun Dot Net
A great site if you like Fist of Fun, but also an excellent resource for some rare and wonderful downloads.