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As a kind of compliment to my writing and performing, I like to keep learning how to use other tools creatively. Although I am interested in the mechanics of digital sound and video editing, I'm much more interested in what these things can do to help me realise some of my ideas.

audio projects

Some of the clips in the downloads section are from larger projects. In order to learn how to use some audio editing software, and also to test out the viability of some comedy ideas, I put together a number of CD length radio shows. Called Giant Baby, these contain a number of sketches which I wrote and performed, as well as some sketches written in order to test what is possible with the software. If you'd like to hear any of these, please contact me.

video projects

I've always enjoyed tinkering in the edit suite, so getting my hands on some digital editing software was really great fun. Mostly I've made trailers, which again, if you want to see, please contact me. There's also something called Smirking Chimp, which I made after reading Stupid White Men. It's an ill thought out diatribe, but it's available too.

web projects

As well as this website, I've been commissioned to design and build some others. An example of a website built with Flash is the one I made for iszi Lawrence, while a simpler HTML site can be seen here. If you want me to build you a site, simply get in touch and ask.

3d projects

And recently I've discovered the wonders of 3D design software, so I am learning how to model, texture and animate, in order to see what sort of visual wonders are possible.