Comedy Is … All About Timing

Here’s the third installment of Comedy Is … an audio essay that uses a show from the late 1990s line-up on the Paramount Comedy Channel as a springboard to talk about the history of television comedy, and explore the wider social context of these shows, and what they mean to me on a more personal level.

This time round, it’s Drop The Dead Donkey, which means a brief, out of order exploration of British topical television comedy.

If you’re enjoying these shows (I’m enjoying making them), please share them. As the series goes on, the idea is to slowly get deeper into the weeds, and explore some more esoteric series and subjects. I’m always open to suggestions.

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Music by Kevin McLeod, Poddington Bears, Anonymous 420, and James S Levine
Interview with Alan Alda
Features extracts from That Was The Week That Was, Drop The Dead Donkey, The New Statesman, Not The Nine O Clock News, Newsnight, Comedy Connections, Britain’s Best Sitcom, Gash, Charm Offensive, The Election Night Armistice, A Kick Up The Eighties, Alexei Sayle, The Day Today, Now Something Else, and Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

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