Comedy Is … Nice Work If You Can Get It

There was a time in the late 1990s when I would watch cable television into the small hours of the night. And more often than not, I was watching The Paramount Comedy Channel.

Home to an eclectic mix of British, American, and Australian sitcoms, sketch shows, stand up, and panel shows – the channel’s strap-line is burned into my brain.

Comedy. Is. Paramount.

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This is a pilot episode for a podcast I want to make. The idea is to use a show from the line-up of The Paramount Comedy Channel as a springboard to look at the history and culture of television comedy, and explore what these shows mean to me on a personal level.

I’m not sure about my music choices at the moment, so the next one may feel and sound a lot different.

But I thought if I uploaded this, it would make me do more.

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Music by Kevin McLeod, The Podington Bears, Anonymous420, and Jahzzar.
Interview with Chuck Lorre.
Interview with Cybill Shepherd.
Features extracts from Cybill, Absolutely Fabulous, High Society, Love & War, Roseanne, and Ab Fab.
Extract from Cybill Disobediance.

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