Frannie’s Turn

I was not aware that Miriam Margolyes had her own sitcom on CBS in 1992. I was also not aware that this was the first sitcom created by Chuck Lorre.

Frannie’s Turn was produced by Carsey-Werner, and co-starred Thomas Millian.

Frannie Escobar is a homemaker whose life is making her crazy. But with laughter, wisdom, and plenty of heart, Frannie copes with the ups and downs of everyday life with her cantankerous Cuban husband Joey, his eccentric mother, their dim-witted son and headstrong daughter. In a house where the sexes battle, the cultures clash and the generation gap is unbridged, life is lively, unpredictable, and always entertaining.

The show received a warmish review from Variety upon its premiere. Jean Rosenbluth praises Margolyes’ portrayal of Frannie.

As long as it’s Frannie’s turn, this new sitcom from the “Cosby” team of producers glides along appealingly, propelled by actress Miriam Margolyes’ sympathetic portrayal of a fed-up housewife and professional seamstress who always manages to keep her wits–and wit–about her.

Jean Rosenbluth, Variety, 1992

But recognises the weaknesses in the rest of the cast, and the writing for those other characters. She concludes:

“Frannie’s Turn” is engaging. But if some of the other players don’t get a turn to keep the action going and the interest up, the game will be over very quickly.


Here’s how CBS was promoting the show before it began.

Unfortunately it was cancelled after five episodes.

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