Just Another Show About The Office

What a difference a few years makes. In 1995, CBS aired a show called The Office, starring Valerie Harper, created by Susan Beavers and Barbra Corday.

Here’s how Bruce Fretts began his review of the sitcom.

How’s this for a cutting-edge satire of corporate America: The assistants on THE OFFICE (CBS, Saturdays, 9-9:30 p.m.) are smarter than the bosses!

Entertainment Weekly

And here’s how the show began.

It was cancelled after five episodes.

Executive producer Susan Beavers created the show out of her own experiences. She used to be a $75-a-week secretary. Said Beavers, ‘There are millions of people out there who work in offices who will relate to this show.” She hopes.

The Virginian Pilot

I guess the world wasn’t ready for another office based sitcom in 1995. Starring mostly women.

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