Puh Oh Buh

Funny how time mangles your memory. This morning, as I stared out of the misty window at the drizzle, I remembered a TV show from my childhood. And when I looked it up, it bore no resemblance to that memory whatsoever.

For a start it wasn’t called Pob. It was called Pob’s Programme. And it was on Channel 4 not cITV. Pob did look like I remembered him, for the most part though.

But it was the misty window that evoked the memory.

I remembered Pob spitting all over the lens, and then scrawling his name on it, as he said “Puh Oh Buh”.


No spitting. No Puh Oh Buh.

Anyway, this put me in mind of the opening titles for Harry Enfield’s Television Programme.

Can you think of any other phlegmy exhalation based titles?

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