Co-Ed Fever

At the beginning of 1979, in an attempt to capitalise on the success of Animal House, the three big networks all launched their own frat house sitcoms. The most notorious of these was probably Co-Ed Fever, because it was cancelled after one episode.

We’re coming on??

I get so disoriented watching US shows with the adverts, because they put the breaks in such weird places. This aired after Rocky apparently.

Anyway, Co-Ed Fever was the CBS effort.

Over on NBC, their version was Brothers And Sisters.

This managed a more dignified twelve episodes.

Perhaps the most interesting of the three was ABC’s Delta House, which was an official spin-off of Animal House, featuring some of the same actors and characters, as well as introducing the world to Michelle Pfeiffer.

Though it did okay in the ratings, like its cousins, Delta House fell foul of Standards And Practices, and constant battles over content between Ivan Reitman and the network.

It seems odd to have scheduled this show at 8pm.

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