Partridge Inter Series Canon?

Sometimes two things collide in one day to form an interesting narrative, in a way that life rarely affords.

Such a thing happened today.

On my feed, I was served up with this wonderful bit of continuity before the first ever episode of I’m Alan Partridge (courtesy of VHS Video Vault).

Then a little while later, I was taking a break and perusing YouTube, when I came across this interview from Clive Anderson. The whole thing is worth watching, but in particular around the two minute mark.

He nearly corpses during the Idi Amin bit.

It all gets a bit meta at one point, but I like this attention to detail. The in on the joke, correct tone of the continuity combines well with the chat show appearance. Of course he would be on promoting his new show (even if he hates the hatchet job).

Lovely stuff.

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