Wasn’t It Monk D’Wally De Honk?

This line has been stuck in my head for days.

I assumed this was a made up name, but held out hope that it was a real person, with a real backstory that somehow fit the question exactly.

It’s not though.

But it’s a name that has been baffling the Autosport forum for years.

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It appears there is a fan of The Young Ones working in the motor-racing journalism world, and references to the Monk have been appearing throughout their publications for years.

He reappeared as Wally M Dehonk III, reporting on the Porsche Super Cup race at Indianapolis.

More impressively though, the Monk made it onto the cast of Sylvester Stallone’s movie Driven, in a report about the film that is no longer online.

From Autosport:

Sly Stallone race movie cranks into life; Burt Reynolds onboard too.


The other main roles are taken by relative unknowns, and first impressions suggest that a bizarre name may have been a prime factor in the casting process. Kip Padue plays Blye and Til Schweiger is cast in the role of Formula 1 World Champion Beau Brandenberg. Or is Beau Brandenberg playing the part of Til Schweiger?

Model Estella Warren plays Sophia, the woman bringing problems to Blye’s life away from the track, while up-and-coming Flemish actor Monk de Wally de Honk and Canadian soap star Cochese Wind are also said to be in the frame for major parts.

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