That Grange Hill Sausage

Am I the last person to know that the Grange Hill theme was also used for the first few series of Give Us A Clue?

It’s Chicken Man by Alan Hawkshaw.

Anyway, here’s a really nice behind the scenes documentary about series 11, which aired on New Year’s Day in 1988.

Yes, it’s that Anthony Minghella.

I’m currently watching the second series, and it’s a rather charming piece, with some weight behind a punch it isn’t quite ready to swing yet.

So it’s odd to remember how controversial the show was, even in its early days.

Check out the sausage reference in the 2003 iteration of the titles.

Nice that they went back to the old music at the end, though the second tune was a bit of a banger (geddit?) too.

That sausage in the original titles definitely used to be much bigger.

Finally, what was the show that did a live action punchline of the massive sausage coming into shot?

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