The Scranton Strangler

There are Easter Eggs, and then there are EASTER EGGS.

Let’s just quickly brush over one of the more compelling theories about The Office – that the accounts department are committing fraud, and cooking the books to make it look like the branch is the most profitable in the company. Go look it up. Kevin probably bought a bar with the proceeds.
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There’s a several season long plot arc in The Office, featuring the genesis, reign of terror, capture, and aftermath of The Scranton Strangler.

What’s barely touched upon on screen is the identity of the killer – and there seems to be some deliberate clues placed along the way to suggest that maybe Toby is the Strangler.

The care with which this seemingly throwaway plotline seems to have had lavished on it suggests to me that it was deliberate on the part of the writers, and that they intended to hide a murder mystery in plain sight. I would love for someone to confirm this.


There are all sorts of fan theories about it, which are worth exploring.

But let’s just note that one of the most prominent mentions of the Strangler is from Andy and his newspaper gift … you know the one, the one that was FRAMED.

Back to Kevin and fraud, I think the evidence here is more easily retconned onto proceedings than it was actually written as intended. But it’s still a compelling theory.

There are more theories too, like the one about the real reason the documentary crew showed up at Dunder Mifflin in the first place.

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