Smol Sitcoms

Lets’ see if you can spot the theme today.

In 2000, there was a series of commercials for Free Internet in the US, featuring a talking baby. So popular were these, that CBS decided to turn the idea into a sitcom.

Thus, Baby Bob aired for two short seasons and started like this.

If your main concept is a talking baby, why wait five whole minutes before getting to the gimmick? Anyway, the CGI on this is just a bit freaky.

This show obviously owes its roots to the Look Who’s Talking movies, which themselves spawned a sitcom in 1991 called Baby Talk.

Yup, that’s George Clooney.

The show was based on the characters created for the movie by Amy Heckerling, and aired for two season on ABC.

In 1997 ITV aired a sitcom called Holding The Baby. This is the moment when David Tennant showed up in it.

Fox later remade this one for the US market, but were so pleased with it, they cancelled it after seven episodes, and erased all copies of it from the internet.

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