Specially Shot For The Trailer 2

After exploring some trailers that were shot specially, and not just assembled from the film footage, I immediately remembered I’d forgotten to include this one for Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade.

This sat at the start of a VHS tape of another movie (I can’t remember which), and I watched the snot out of it.

After posting the article on Twitter, I was directed to other examples of the form, beginning with his little gem for Toys.

And reminded of this one for Spider-Man, which was quickly pulled from cinemas due to tragic timing.

I can’t remember if I’d seen this one for Die Hard 2: Die Harder before, but I’m pretty sure I had seen the alternate version of the famous line elsewhere. I prefer the version that was in the movie to be honest.

I definitely had not seen this one for Charlie’s Angels.

The reveal shot in this is fantastic.

Finally, it amazes me that I didn’t include this one for Wayne’s World, simply because I watched it a few days ago for another article.

Hat tip to @alexsievewright.

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