Specially Shot For The Trailer

I sat down for a re-watch of Trainspotting last night, and because it’s so firmly grounded in its own time, it hasn’t dated at all. I did find myself wondering about the teaser trailer for the film though. It’s a trailer that stuck with me for ages, and I couldn’t find it again for a long time. It was obviously shot when they filmed the walking scene, and I think it was shot especially for the trailer, and not an excised scene. I am happy to be corrected though.

Here’s the scene they would have been filming in those costumes, and that location.

It reminded me of another teaser that was specially shot for the trailer, from around the same time actually.

Seems like the 1990s was the time for this technique. Here’s a great one for Last Action Hero.

Around the same time, Jurassic Park was channeling some real Indiana Jones vibes.

A couple of years earlier, Stan Winston was given half a million bucks to makes this one.

I remember my brother coming back from the cinema, where he’d seen Hot Shots, and telling me all about the above trailer.

This one for Total Recall though, I’ve never seen before now.

Most of the promotion I saw for Back To The Future at the time seemed to be on the news, or at least as features in other shows. And it was mostly a clip of the DeLorean emerging from the truck in the Twin Pines mall car park. I can’t be sure whether I saw this trailer at the time.

Hitchcock had a penchant for the specially made trailer of course.

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