Another Chance To See

I’m hoping that the BBC decides this is the perfect time to open up its archives, and delve deep into them, now that they’re going to have a lot of gaps in the schedule to fill. Here’s hoping.

In that spirit, here’s some of the stuff you may have missed from me in March.

Here’s a little potted history of Craig Ferguson’s pre talk show career by way of YouTube clips. It’s fascinating to watch.

I like looking at old schedules, and seeing what shows were on together, and this was no exception. I probably watched everything that was on that night.

Then I got a little obsessed with the finctional addresses of sitcom locations.

And when the lockdown hit, it was no surprise that my mind began to wander around all the bottle episodes of my favourite shows.

I suprised myself at few actual SNL related movies there have been over the years.

And as my re-watch of The Office drew to an end, I examined where the show set up for most of its vox pop interviews.

Before ending the month with an in-depth analysis of a single door at the back of The Office set. Because, why not?

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