Directin’ Dunder Mifflin

The Russo Brothers went from directing episodes of the excellent sitcom Community, to two Captain America movies, and on to the Avengers themselves. That in itself is interesting. Just as interesting is just how many Hollywood directors have directed episodes of The Office.

Amy Heckerling, who directed the Look Who’s Talking films, as well as Clueless, worked on the first season episode Hot Girl.

Harold Ramis, of Ghostbusters fame, and the director of Groundhog Day, lent his skills to four episodes in season three.

Joss Whedon did two.

Jon Favreau did one.

As did JJ Abrams.

Not to mention Marc Webb, Reginald Hudlin, and Jason Reitman.

And of course Paul Feig, director of 14 episodes of the show, went on to make a number of big comedy movies.

I find this interesting enough to make a list.

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