Vyvyan Ate His Bacon Sandwich

I love stumbling across hidden jokes in things that I’ve watched over and over again. Seeing something new, something fresh, in something so familiar is always a thrill.

Such a thing happened to me with The Young Ones episode Bambi.

Here’s Vyvyan with his mascot, Bacon Sandwich, the pig ferret.

But after this scene, we don’t see from the pig ferret ever again. I just assumed this was because of the throwaway nature of the show – or maybe off screen Vyv was told he couldn’t have the pig on set.


Look at that giant pile of bacon sandwiches.

Vyvyan cooked Bacon Sandwich.

And intends to eat him on national television.

What makes this background joke so good is that no attention is drawn to it whatsoever. It’s masked by the visual of him giving the Vs. They could have had Vyv biting greedily into the sandwich, but that would have ruined the gag methinks.

Anyway, here’s a caricature of Vyv what I drew.

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