Eating M&Ms Is Wrong

I finally went to see The Rise Of Skywalker at the cinema last night. I have a small bladder, and long films at the cinema are daunting, mostly because I hate walking out for a pee and missing stuff. It didn’t help that there were 27 minutes of guff before the film either. I would go to the cinema more often if they guaranteed no more than 10 minutes of guff before the film.

One moment of said guff was this advert.


I know it’s meant to be funny, but for all sorts of reasons, it’s not. Jokes have to make sense in the context of their story world, and in this story world, the Red M&M is a sentient being, albeit one made out of M&M.

That means this woman has lured him to her bed with the specific goal of mudering him. She also wants to eat him alive, which is even more disturbing.

Add to that the fact she seems to have made (and broken) a pact with her human partner. They have been planning this for a while it seems. Was the idea to offer the Red M&M some sort of threesome, and then together cannibalise the poor sod?

It gets worse.

The Yellow M&M is in the closet.

This raises three (maybe four) possibilities.

  1. Red invited Yellow to watch without the woman’s knowledge (or vice versa).
  2. Red and the woman invited Yellow to watch.
  3. Yellow is watching without either’s consent.

Each one of those scenarios is deeply disturbing.

If Red alone invited Yellow to watch, his best friend is about to see him eaten alive. If the woman alone invited Yellow to watch, she either did or didn’t tell him that Red was about to be eaten alive. If she didn’t tell him, he’s going to freak out, and probably get eaten himself. If she did tell him, then he is an accessory in the canibalistic murder of his best friend.

The consent issues of the whole thing are massively naffed up.

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