A Fish In The Percolator

I have finally started watching Twin Peaks for the first time. I bought it a few years ago when the definitive edition came out on DVD (no longer definitive, thanks a lot new season), and never got round to watching it. I have no idea why I didn’t watch it when it first aired either. Anyway, now I get all those coffee and fish references.

Apparently this incident is based on something that happened to Lynch, when he realised he was drinking coffee from a percolator that had a bar of soap in it.

I also get (though I mostly understood it at the time), the references to the show in some episodes of The X-Files.

And because it seems apropos for a post about Twin Peaks, here’s the pie scene in a different language.

One of my favourite things is that Grace Zabriskie and Warren Frost would go on to play Susan’s parents in Seinfeld.

Ive only watched 6 episodes so far, so dont tell me what happens.

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