A Cup Of Coke And Some Fat Penguins

I like the little time capsules that YouTube’s algorithms serve up to me based on my penchant for old adverts and continuity. There’s a lot to see in this roll of adverts from 1979, which aired on Thames.

A cup of Coke? Were they flogging a new paper cup for the drink or something. Was glass in short supply? I know the 70s were rough, but come on. You’ll be wanting your burger and chips on a plate next.

That Schweppes one is odd too. Tonic water is not a refreshing drink, it’s for buying at Christmas and leaving on a shelf until the autumn, unopened.

I’m pretty sure Paul Daniels is using camera trickery in his advert. It’s odd to see him on ITV, and I forget he did a short stint there before moving to the BBC around the time this advert aired.

I bet the Grecian 2000 tastes better than Kellogg’s Rise & Shine. The 70s was a time when Orange Juice proper was considered a posh starter, but come on, a powder? Just have some squash. Birds’ made a similar product, with the inappropriate name Appeal.

Time was, dog food adverts were obsessed with marrowbone. And jelly. But mostly marrowbone.

Nice to see the Hoffmeister bear at the beginning of his career, before he was forced to do the more humiliating stuff in the 80s.

Penguins used to be really fat didn’t they?

And why does the voice over man get the Kodak slogan wrong?

Cadbury’s appear to have given up with their branding at this time. The Snack? The Snack?

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