Now seems like as good a time as any to watch some decent moments from awards shows. He got a bad rap at the time, but from what I’ve seen, Letterman hosting the Oscars was exactly what you’d expect. This clip made me wonder who was the first person to do an alternate audition tape style bit. Any of you clever comedy buffs know?

The documentary referred to in the Top Ten is Hoop Dreams I think. It’s always worth remembering that the Oscars show takes place in a shopping mall.

There was a time when Paul Hogan was one of the most famous people on the planet. His Alligator Aberdeen movie was doing well (he was nominated for an Oscar for it), and I think I watched his Aussie sketch show on Channel 4 late at night. He’s always good value.

And if you want a great segment in an awards show, you could do no better than asking Shaun Micallef to come along and have some fun. (Why do all the shows in the montage look like parodies? And why did they miss one out?)

Better still, have him host it.

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