Listings On A Listless Day

This is one of those On This Day in the past posts that I do sometimes. What’s the day after Boxing Day called? And why does it always feel like such an odd day? An answer to the latter question can maybe be found in the BBC listings for 27th December (Ultimate Fighting Day?) in the year I was done born. 1977.

BBC One began broadcasting at 10am. There’s your first clue as to why this day feels so odd. And the day began with a showing of How Do You Do! – a show that is a question, but ends with an exclamation mark.

That’s discombobulating enough.

A little later in the morning, after some skiing stuff, Flash Gordon was busy conquering the universe, in this chapter of the serial.

Before Grandstand, there was an Elvis film.

Hang on, what? Grandstand on a Tuesday??

Before an episode of The Waltons, we could all settle down and enjoy the ballet of Don Quixote, and then the 50th edition of Disney Time.

The evening film was Silent Running. A really good film for sure, but hardly feels like early evening post-Christmas fun to me.

At five to eight, was The Little And Largest Show On Earth. This was the beginning (I think) of Little & Large’s run on the BBC, just after transferring over from ITV.

The big adaptation was John Buchan’s The Three Hostages.

And after a bit of Bing Crosby and Bob Hope, the channel closed with a showing of the Jack Lemmon film The Apartment.

There was nothing on BBC Two.

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