Mark Hamill Talks About The Star Wars Prequels On Blue Peter In 1980

Not much time today for blogging, due to an incident with a toilet. I should explain. It was leaking a bit. I tried to fix it, and due to an moment with a hammer that may or may not have resulted in a bigger crack, the toilet had to be replaced entirely.

Enough plumbing shenanigans.

Here’s a great segment on Blue Peter, from I assume 1980.

I like how they get a little annoyed with the R2 operator out of shot, and that that’s clearly not Anthony Daniels in the C3-PO suit. At least the leg is silver. And if that isn’t Peter Mayhew in the Chewie costume, then they managed to find one of the other people that height in the UK.

Also, check out those pink dungarees.

But you came here to see Mark Hamill talking about the prequels, and he gets it pretty spot on actually.


Talking of which, I would eat the heck out of that Star Wars Stew.

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