It’s Good To Talk

BT’s advertising campaign with Bob Hoskins in 1995 was one it’s most effective ones ever. It strikes me though that while the slogan ‘it’s good to talk’ (in a Boboskins voice) has stuck in the consciousness, none of the actual adverts have.

I mean, I could have sworn he wore a brown trenchcoat throughout all the ads, but I’m completely wrong. And I can’t help thinking Alan Sugar saw this one once.

I actually find this one rather creepy, what with Hoskin’s ghost-like presence around the family.

Even he realises how creepy it all is in this one.

And I’m pretty sure this one is encouraging us all to have some phone sex.

And this one is just odd.

If you really care then show ‘er.
Tell you love ‘er dahn the blower.

Bob Hoskins, 1995
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