Outer Spaced

While we all get to grips with the passage of time, and process that it’s the twentieth anniversary of the debut of Spaced, why don’t we have a look at what else was happening on the 24th September 1999?

On BBC One, you could have spent the evening watching the repeat of the Modem Man episode of Only Fools And Horses. And then, after the news, you could have watched Dangerfield. I have little or no memory of this series, other than it starred Nigel Havers. But as this promo for a run on BBC Prime shows, it didn’t always.

Over on BBC Two, it was a night of comedy repeats starting with Big Train (Simon Pegg on two channels that night), Never Mind The Buzzcocks, and Game On.

Here’s what the weather was like that day, according to Peter Cockroft.

And here’s 20 minutes of Toonami that afternoon.

Meanwhile, over in Mandalay Bay, Alanis was live on stage.

And this is brilliant, a long run of commercials and trailers from NBC, where you can see the US version of Cold Feet, and a chilling promo for Third Watch (a show I have a lot of time for).

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