I’d been wracking my brain all morning about what to write in today’s installment of Simon goes slightly doolally on his website. Nothing came to me.

Then a nice confluence of events led me to this.

A thread on Twitter reminded me of Christoper Price, who I wrote about here, and the video contained within that post. So I had a look to see if more of Price had been posted since, and I saw this.

The 75 Years Of The BBC thing with Billy is charming, and the Public Information Film is good too (as is Nick Ross saying sofa instead of so far). But what really struck me was how fondly I remembered the balloon idents. They never really appealled to me at the time, but seeing them now, they’re lovely, and show the Oneness identity up for all its hideousness.

And the flags for News 24.

They were marvellous.

So I was a little underwhelmed when we finally got to Christoper and he was just reading the headlines.

On to the next video, and coincidentally it was all about the new BBC2 branding.

I pissed giggles throughout this.

And it’s also an excuse to have another look at the current, exquistite 2 idents.

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