Just Good Ads

Well, not that good. But it’s easy to forget that John Siullivan’s Just Good Friends was such a big hit in the 80s. So it’s a little weird that companies didn’t try to cash in on that good will a lot more. Wispa did, as we’ve seen before.

I think this is the first advert in this Lloyds campaign, though there may be one before it. It’s a couple of years after the show ended, and towards the end of Nigel Havers’ Don’t Wait Up.

Note the references to the Gold Blend couple, Star Wars, and Nigel’s bunny slippers – all of which manage to fall flat.

The cadence of the natural dialogue here is quite something to behold.

If there’s meant to be sexual tension between these two, it’s not working. To the point where they re-think it a bit later.

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