The Funny Side Of Christmas

It being the first day of August, what better time to visit a show from Christmas in 1982. Hosted by Frank Muir, The Funny Side Of Christmas featured sketches from the creators of ten comedy shows of the time.

First up was a turn by Reggie Perrin and Co.

Then Les Dawson took centre stage, before this little nugget from Yes Minister.

It’s only ruined by the obvious use of a cue card.

Next, John Sullivan had Del Boy trying to flog some telescopic Christmas Trees, before Three Of A Kind came on. They were followed by three of a different kind.

Sorry I can’t show you the Sorry! sketch, but here’s what Butterflies did.

Smith & Jones were the penultimate slot, before the show finished off with a bit of Open All Hours (making it two things written by Roy Clarke).

This bit of continuity has some clips from the other ones we haven’t had a chance to watch.

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