Ads, Prime Minister

We’ve already seen this Wispa advert …

… but here’s Paul Eddington referencing Jim Hacker, and Yes Minister, to flog us the services of the RAC.

And here he is with co-star Derek Fowlds to flog us coffee.

This one for PYE Television’s new Teletext service doesn’t appear to be using him for sitcom references.

Nigel Hawthorne now, telling us about Vauxhalls. We’ve seen an ad from this campaign before, with Penelope Keith. It’s just him and Tom Conti here though …

It’s this one from the same campaign that makes me think it’s an indirect reference to the Jay & Lynn sitcom.

Outside of this though, he also sold us Shredded Wheat, and challenged us to eat more than we should so they could flog more.

Now this is a weird one, where three worlds collide. Hacker meets Urquhart from House Of Cards, in a remake of an American advert that was parodied in Wayne’s World.

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