Flash Strokes

Here’s an advert for Pepsi, featuring a young Karl Howman, some time in the 70s. It may, just may, be around the time he replaced Robert Lindsay in Get Some In!.

At the height of popularity for Brush Strokes, he appeared in these ads for McEwans Lager in 1989.

He’s clearly dressed as Jacko, but that’s the extent of it, and it might be referencing something else entirely – Fox, the ITV drama from 1980. It’s just an odd campaign all round really.

Howman’s website says he also appeared in some Harp commercials, but I can’t find those.

Of course, the ones he is really known for are the Flash ones.

This is the one I remember the most.

Just how many wives has he got?

Anyone ever use one of these?

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