Double First By Esmonde & Larbey

On Tuesday 6th September 1988, BBC One aired the first episode of Double First. This first episode of Double First was double length. So it was a double first. Double First was shot entirely on film, and featured no studio audience. It was written by John Esmonde and Bob Larbey, and starred Michael Williams, Ann Bell, Jennifer Hilary, and Holly Aird.

Here is that first episode.

It aired at 8pm, before slipping into its regular 8.30pm slot the following week. The void it left was filled with a repeat of Fawlty Towers. For the next two weeks Eastenders aired at 8pm to make way for the Olympics.

Hang on.

The Seoul Olympics happened at the end of September??

Once the sportings were over, Eastenders returned to its normal time, and once again Basil filled the void. When the series ended, Question Of Sport came on instead.

Here’s Williams in A Fine Romance, with Judi Dench. This was written by Bob Larbey.
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